Save your cost without sacfricing quality services. We provide you a plug and play facility, giving you an instant access for your business.

  • Seat leasing is the best cost-effective and economical way of putting up a BPO business with a work space especially for those startup companies. Our seat leasing offers top quality facilities and top of the line services to get you started with your operation. We provide Call center businesses, whether it is established or starting out, with a workstation where they can operate without hassle and that includes comfortable seat spaces, high-end computer technology and fast internet connection free use of training rooms and pantry to get you started. We aim to help BPO companies in getting a fully equipped and furnished office at affordable and reasonable rates.


  • Term can be from as short as 6 months to a year or more depending on your requirements
  • The seat cost is based on an 8 hour shift for a six (6) day operation or 9 hour shift for five (5) days;
  • Biometrics with time stamp for Daily Time Recording.
  • CCTV access for 24/7 on site or off site.
  • Vicci Box Dialer | Octacore Processor with Administration access on site or off site.
  • Complete Desktop Set
  • Headset with noise cancellation (Plantronics) (Logitech)
  • Lockers
  • Free recruitment processing through advertising for the campaign upon sign-up.
  • Workstations size (105 length x 60 width)
  • Free use of Pantry; Training/Conference Room with 40’ LED and 55’LED monitor for video conferencing
  • Separate Comfort Rooms for Agents and Management
  • 24/7 IT support
  • 24/7 Maintenance
  • Two (2) Months Advance and Two (2) Months Deposit to be able to start.


  • Processor: Core I3 and Core 2 Duo
  • Memory: 4gigabytes
  • Hard Drive: 160 to 250 Gigabytes
  • Speed: Min. of 40 Mbps to 100 Mbps
  • TYPE: Fiber Optic (End to End)
  • WIFI access (for Management)
  • 100% power back-up
  • Three (3) redundancies for INTERNET CONNECTION
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20th Floor IBP Tower, Jade Drive, San Antonio, Pasig, Metro Manila


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